Pricing for Plates

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All of my plates are painted by hand and uniquely one-of-a-kind. Anything you can imagine, I can (and would love to) paint for you on a porcelain charger! Depending on the complexity of the design prices for each plate will vary. One wire easel stand or adhesive plate hanger is included with each custom plate as well as a personalized message on the back. I have included a price guide to offer an estimate based on my most popular categories. All prices are subject to 13% HST for orders purchased within Canada.

Item Approximate Price (CAD)
Portraits (single person) $500
+ Additional Person $100
+ Landscape to Portrait +$100
Landscapes $350 – $500
Animals (1-2) $350
+ Additional Animal $50
Food $350 – $275
Abstract $250 – $350
Logos $250 – $350
Additional Plate Stand $5 each
Additional Plate Hanger $5 each